3 Types Of Bitcoin Wallet Options in Dubai UAE

If you want to use Bitcoin in Dubai, you need a crypto wallet to store it. Find out how to choose the best option for bitcoin wallet in UAE for every use case, whether you are an investor or trader.
Victoria S.November 17, 2022

Cryptocurrencies have developed from a tech experiment to a global market worth over $2.6 Trillion in just a few short years. It is no surprise that there is increased interest in Bitcoin in Dubai. From the finance and insurance industries to global brands such as PayPal, cryptocurrencies are being adopted everywhere, and leading the way is Bitcoin.

With a market cap of $830 billion, Bitcoin represents a highly lucrative investment, it generated returns of over 70% in 2021, outperforming the stock market and gold as an investment for the third year in a row. But UAE Bitcoin is also useful other than an asset investment, with offline wallets offering an extremely secure way to store wealth, while relatively low costs make cross-border transactions using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in Dubai especially attractive today.

However, while things have improved significantly since the early days of cryptocurrencies, and even over just five years ago, dealing with Bitcoin requires a few extra steps that can be difficult for those new to the concept of cryptocurrencies. One of the key points is that to hold Bitcoin, or any cryptocurrency in UAE for that matter, you must have a cryptocurrency wallet.

How Bitcoin in UAE Works 

Before buying Dubai Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, it is important to understand how the system works. Cryptocurrencies are based on a technology known as the blockchain, which is a distributed ledger that records and processes all transactions for the cryptocurrency.

Most have their own unique blockchain, and Bitcoin is no exception. This is key to both the security and decentralized nature of crypto. Thousands of computers, known as nodes, process and confirm transactions simultaneously. In this way, no single entity can falsify a transaction, as they would need to do so on every node, simultaneously.

Transactions are recorded as occurring not between people, but between specific addresses on the blockchain, known as wallets. This is why having a wallet is essential, without it, even if you buy bitcoin in Dubai, you cannot receive the Bitcoin you paid for. So, with that in mind, how do you open a Bitcoin wallet in Dubai?

Opening a Dubai Bitcoin Wallet 

Luckily, cryptocurrencies have been embraced throughout UAE, and so opening a Bitcoin wallet in Dubai is relatively simple, the biggest issue is perhaps choosing the king of Bitcoin wallet you need.

If we look at the options available for a Bitcoin wallet in UAE, there are three options. The basic solution will be the wallet provider by the Cryptocurrency Exchange you plan to use to buy Bitcoin. There is a wide range of options for crypto exchanges for customers based in the UAE, such as Binance. When you open an account, you will be provided with a connected wallet to store your purchased cryptocurrency.

However, there are issues with this if you plan on keeping your Bitcoin long-term, or wish to use them in other ways. The security of your wallet is tied to the security of your exchange account. If the exchange is hacked, it is possible that your account can be accessed. Because Bitcoin transactions are permanent and non-refundable, if this happens, you could lose your entire investment.

With that in mind, most Bitcoin users prefer to keep any purchased cryptocurrencies in a dedicated wallet away from their exchange accounts, and you should too. You have two options here.

Software Wallets 

As the name implies, these are software-based solutions you access via the internet. Using a specific key, passwords, and 2-factor authentication as well, they offer excellent security, with the major options such as Bitcoin Core, having a record of trouble-free operation. A software wallet provides a balance between security and ease of use if you want to transfer Bitcoin quickly.

Creating a Bitcoin wallet in Dubai through one of these platforms is very easy, requiring a valid email, password, and basic details. These types of wallets can be online only, accessed via a web portal, or a software installation onto a specific computer or mobile device.


Hardware Wallets

Often called offline wallets, you can create a Bitcoin wallet in Dubai using dedicated hardware solutions. These wallets are by far the most secure option for storing your Bitcoin. They connect to your computer via USB and are therefore only connected to the internet when you are transferring Bitcoin in or out of your wallet. The rest of the time they are completely disconnected.

These hardware solutions vary in cost and complexity, with the Ledger Nano being one of the most popular. They still use keys and passwords to protect your funds, so even if the physical device is stolen it would be difficult to take the contents.

The latest hardware solutions use chip technology similar to that used by credit cards and claim to be completely un-hackable. Setting up a hardware Bitcoin wallet in Dubai is a matter of purchasing the device and following the instructions. Here you remain in complete control, with no other details required.

While the security aspects of a hardware wallet are the strongest available, there is a downside. To access your Bitcoin, you will need your hardware device, a laptop or PC with the driver software installed, and an internet connection. This is not always convenient, wherewith online software wallets that use wen portal access, any connected device that supports secure connections are supported. So, wherever you are, you can send Bitcoin if you need to.


Which Dubai Bitcoin Wallet is right?

With three options, which one is the best choice for you? It depends on how you plan to use Bitcoin in Dubai. If you see yourself as a cryptocurrency trader, making numerous transactions a week and switching finds between Bitcoin, Dollars, and other cryptocurrencies, then the wallet provided with your exchange account is the most practical.

For those that wish to take control of their Dubai Bitcoin ownership, but still want the flexibility of ease of access through a web portal wherever they may be, then a software wallet from one of the many global solutions is ideal.

Be careful with keywords and password choices, always ensure that 2-factor authorization is turned on to maintain the highest security level possible, and be vigilant about security when accessing your wallet. For instance, if you are using a computer that others have access to, never save your password on the device.

Finally, if your goal is to buy and hold Bitcoin in UAE for any length of time, or know that you will only need to access your wallet at home when you will have your hardware wallet with you, the hardware option takes security to a new level.

The reality is that for many Bitcoin users, all three can make sense. If you trade some of your Bitcoin regularly, then an exchange-based wallet is ideal, while keeping some Bitcoin in a more secure, but easily accessible wallet helps when you need to move funds quickly. Finally, keeping the bulk of your investment in a hardware wallet is good practice.

There are no ongoing costs to having a Dubai Bitcoin wallet, other than the one-off cost of the purchase of a hardware wallet, so restricting yourself to a single type can be counterproductive. If you have a use for all, use them all.